About Cynthia

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Fourteen years into her financial career, Cynthia has chosen to specialize and focus exclusively on the S & P 500
E-mini futures market. She has discovered that detailed and expert knowledge of one market can outweigh the benefits
of generalized knowledge across many markets and financial instruments.

Cynthia received her BSBA in Financial Management from the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of
Arkansas after participating her full senior year in an honors level portfolio management class. Twelve students are hand
selected each year to manage the Rebsamen Investment Trust, a $1.5 million dollar real market portfolio.

She took her first professional position at HSBC Securities, USA. New York, NY. At HSBC, Cynthia served as a fixed
income research analyst, working directly with the HSBC Hong Kong and London branches, to provide her sales team
and traders with US market session open forecasts based on the Asian market close and London mid-day reports.
It was here at HSBC that Cynthia was first introduced to technical analysis, by HSBC’s Chief Technical Analyst.

When she returned to her home state and began working for a local asset management company, she was asked to
join the CEO to head up research for the high net-worth client group. She quickly discovered that his investment selection
edge was based in technical analysis as well. Therefore, Cynthia decided to seek a complete technical analysis education and completed the INVESTools Inc. PhD program in Advanced Technical Analysis.

Cynthia ventured out of long term money management to start actively trading the markets full time for private accounts in 2006. After developing her disciplined strategy to trade the /ES futures market, she now enjoys teaching and training new traders and those new to the futures market to develop consistent success.

Through an active trading forum, Cynthia had the opportunity to meet an inspiring group of active traders seeking knowledge. Those traders are hardworking, dedicated, and committed students of the market. They shared with Cynthia the need for a place for traders to work together in partnership to find answers to their market and trading questions. This groups’ overwhelming contributions, strong sense of ethics, and high level of integrity inspired Cynthia to build just that.

Cynthia has dedicated this site to be a trading “home” for those traders that desire to achieve their trading goals by developing a strong expertise and trading edge within the /ES futures market. Her teaching style is friendly and relaxed, but complete and comprehensive. She and the community of traders that learn and trade here each day create an inspirational, exciting, and enjoyable environment to expand your knowledge of active market trading. Come join the community….be challenged, build your skills, have fun, and discover your potential.